Jessica Yeung
Year: SO
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
High School: Stanton College Prep

Major: Undecided

Favorite part of being a student-athlete at Caltech? You get to "de-stress" from the workload and have fun with your team. It's like having a second family. :D

Best Research Project? I enjoyed working in an inorganic chemistry lab last summer at UNF on synthesizing various compounds, analyzing them using an xray diffractometer, and creating gas sensors. I hope to do a SURF at Caltech this upcoming summer. :)

Best Part of Caltech?
The academics and the close sense of community among the students

If you had no school work what would you do all day? Go hang out with some friends, visit Huntington Botanical Gardens, eat dim sum, explore LA, go shopping, see a movie, etc.