22 Kristin Anderson
22 Kristin Anderson
Height: 6'0"
Year: FY
Hometown: Folsom, CA
High School: St. Francis (Sacramento)
Position: F

High School:

Member of the basketball and soccer teams in high school...Named 2nd team all-league in basketball...Sac-Joaquin Section Championship winner in high school


Undeclared major...Lists her hobbies as hiking, playing basketball with Esther, traveling, and baking...Her favorite athlete is Peja Stojakovic formerly of the Sacramento Kings...She was a Northern California finalist for her club soccer team...Lists her parents, grandparents, and former coaches as her biggest influences...Daughter of Jeff and Crystal...Has a sister named Kim

Getting to Know ...

1.    Something about you most people would be surprised to discover?
Almost anyone who knows me would be surprised to find out that I have never had orange juice (to my knowledge) in my life. For those who don’t know me so well, that would be surprising because I generally eat at least three oranges per day.
2.    Do you sing in the shower and if so what do you usually sing?
Honestly, I really don’t sing in the shower. In the car, maybe, but not in the shower.
3.    Describe yourself as a seven year old.
When I was seven years old, I was extremely quiet and shy, mischievous, competitive, and sneaky. In class, we had a reading contest, and I was in first place. However, I plotted to turn in a very large number of book reports on the last day of the competition, so there was no chance that anyone could ever beat me.
4.    What scary creatures did you think were in your bedroom as a child?
When I was young, my mother told my sister and me that she was much meaner than any monsters, so she wouldn’t let them in the house. Nonetheless, I still thought that a witch lived in our attic above my room.
5.    What was the chore you hated doing and you loved doing as a child?
I used to love vacuuming. I would spend hours vacuuming our house every week, but I couldn’t exactly tell you why I enjoyed doing it so much. On the other hand, I hated cleaning up dog poop. Who doesn’t?
6.    If you could order the perfect birthday party this year, what would you want the theme to be?
Ideally, my birthday party would involve a theme park with lots of rollercoasters. I’ve wanted to have one at Six Flags for so many years, but I never end up having the time! I guess another problem is that Six Flags isn’t really open in December. However, a nice alternative is flying to Ohio with my teammates .
7.    Why do you love math and science?
I love math and science because they are so exciting, logical, thought-provoking, and ever-developing. Science and math explain the universe, or, well, universes.
8.    If you could choose, a past decade would you have liked to grow up in and what is it about that decade that made you choose it?
I would have liked to have grown up in the early 1940s, as long as I was related to someone who was involved in the Manhattan Project. I would have loved to be involved or at least be among the select few who knew about it. Also, it would have been nice to see a time when the country was pulling together as it did during World War II.
9.    The most difficult thing in life is learning…how to be happy with what you have.
10.    What family member do you take after most and what trait do you share?
I believe I look more like my dad because I am tall, but I believe I am more like my mother in personality. In general, though, I tend to be a nice mix of my parents and my sister because I am the youngest and because they all have strong personalities and opinions that have strongly influenced me over my life.
11.    What is your contribution to your family?
I would say I am definitely the family clown, although we all are extremely sarcastic and witty. I am also the baby and the peacemaker because I tend to see both sides of disagreements.
12.    What people would you want to be stuck in a life boat with and why?
I would like to be stuck with Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte because he is more attractive. They would both be able to pull the boat to safety. I might also like Jerry Seinfeld to be there, so he could entertain me, or a tiger like in Life of Pi, but I would prefer not. Of course, if they are not options, I would choose my family and friends because they are in general athletic, intelligent, and hilarious.
13.    What is the most outrageous thing you would do for $1,000?
I might sing opera in a crowded mall or something, which is very reckless for me because I do not generally sing.
14.    What is the most self-less thing you have ever done for someone?
I volunteered as a coach for developmentally disabled children for four years.
15.    What is the one family value you believe in the most?
I believe the values for respect and belonging are equally important because they allow everyone to feel loved, but at the same time give everyone the space to enjoy one’s own activities.
16.    What do you admire most about your parents?
I admire that my parents are so hardworking and perseverant, but at the same time so loving and caring. I admire that they are willing to do anything to allow my sister and me to become better people.  
17.    What trait does your sibling have that you wish you had and why?
My sister is both more humble and more patient than me. Sometimes I can make too many egotistical jokes, and I have never had any patience, so it might be good if I had some.
18.    One goal you hope to achieve this season on the court
I would like to help the team break the record for the most wins for a Caltech women’s basketball team in one season.
19.    How would you describe your game on the court?
I never lose my temper. I always stay focused and deliberate in my movements and my shooting. I enjoy playing, and even if we lose, I maintain a positive outlook. I am a positive team player.
20.    Define “Excellence” in your own words
Excellence is being the best you can be and striving for as much as you can achieve.