23 Bridget Connor
23 - Bridget Connor
Height: 5'8
Year: FY
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
High School: Albuquerque Academy
Position: G

Parents Names? Julia Phillips and John Connor

Major? Undecided, considering Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to work in Green Energy/Sustainability

Why is that the thing you want to spend your life focused on? Because we’ve created a whole lot of problems with our current way of living and if we don’t fix that, we won’t be here for much longer.

What is the coolest thing you have learned in the last 12 months? How to make Cadmium Sulfide nanostructures using microtubule templates and how to build a go-cart.

What is the best part of being in your major? I’ll tell you when I find out

What is the one thing you must have on your bucket list? Bike the Oregon Coast Trail

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be? I’d be my dog because she’s always super happy and it’d be nice to not have to worry about anything other than whether your owner is going to feed you for one day.

What do you need less of in your life?  More of?  Less stress, more free time

What is your favorite day of the year?  Christmas Eve

If you could pick one mascot in all of college sports to be for the big football/basketball game, which one would you pick? Football: USC Trojan, Basketball: UNM Lobo

What is the job (not in your field) you wish you could try for a day? Astronaut

What is the most original and unique vacation you would like to take? I’d like to go to Spain and do La Tomatina (giant tomato fight) and go to the running of the bulls.

What is your favorite thing about a rainy day?  A sunny day? Rainy day: The fact that it’s raining because it never rains where I come from. Sunny day: I can rub it in to my sister because chances are that where she is, it’s snowing.

Do you like even or odd numbers and why? Right now, even because when I’m writing a proof, 2k is easier to write than 2k+1 (k?Z)

What rule was most important in your family’s life growing up? Eat your food

What is the best part of being at Caltech? It’s really cool being somewhere where everyone’s really excited about math, science, and engineering. I’d never really been in that situation before.