September 2012 Aquatics Alumni Update

Caltech Aquatic Newsletter

The BIG game is here 
September 22nd 2012

The first ever Alumni vs. Alumni match is this upcoming on Saturday at 11:00am.  Try to get there at 10:00am so  we can match up the teams evenly and alert the ambulance to stand-by.  There is lunch afterwards so bring the gang to cheer and play and eat.  Now you can come to the Alumni Game and have all your friends cheer you on.  (read below)

Catch all the home games on the web.  Caltech Athletics has reached the pinnacle of high tech geekness.  There are no play-by-play announcers or anything like that, just the sights and sounds of water polo for free on Caltech Athletics uStream page. I hope you get a chance to catch the new squad in action online or in person schedule).

Alumni News
Recent Alumni diver Justin Johnson '12 finished his Caltech career with another honor.  Justin received Academic All American accolades because of his qualifying for the NCAA Championship (very hard)and having a GPA of 3.92 Caltech career (ultra hard).  KUDOS Justin.  He is currently working at Google and doing very well, but we all miss him.
If you're lucky to go to the Athenaeum, stop by the bar.  (It was the Men's restroom at one time)  Pictures of Nobel Prize winners and other noted Caltech scientists and engineers hang on the walls.  Good friend of the pool and aquatic program, Dr. Robert Grubbs won the Nobel for Chemistry.  Dr. Grubbs' sons both excelled at Water Polo. Joining Robert's picture on the wall is Astrophysicist Andrea Ghez.  Andrea (MS'89, PhD'93) took Scuba at Caltech and meet her husband swimming with the Caltech Masters Team.  Last spring she won the prestigious Crafoord Astrophysics Prize.  (Her picture is hanging in the bar at the Athenaeum - that honor is pretty close to the Nobel Prize).  Congratulation Dr. Ghez!

Goalie extraordinary Eric Christensen '88 surfaced after a long hiatus.  He has been in Indonesia for the past 12 years teaching Computer Science at the university.  But his main mission ….was being a missionary Wow!!  He traveled back to Pasadena with his beautiful family of two daughters, one son and lovely wife Joan to attend Fuller Theology School.  He left last month to continue his missionary work in Thailand.  Fellow Caltech goalie Dr. Nick Pornsinirirak (from Thailand) had traded some emails with Eric and I'm interest in how everyone is doing.

Got a great email from Sonny Arcillia.  Sonny is living in New York (Jersey City) and married and doing well.  It was great to hear from him.

Space News
The Voyager 1 spacecraft (Suzanne Dodd '83 is the project manager) is nearly in interstellar space. Two of the three data signs show Voyager 1 has left the heliosheath at a distance of 122 AU.  The project has just celebrated its 35th year launch anniversary and still operating daily on mid 70s technology (think a 48k Apple -2 computer).  I was lucky to have accompanied Suzanne to a nice sit down dinner at JPL celebrating the Voyager Mission with the pioneers of NASA (they really are "steely eyed missile men").

Pool News
The Brown Pool is getting re-done.  The fiberglass is being taken out and the bottom is being plastered.  This repair was badly needed and should last another 28 years.  Check it out on the web cam!

Missing Alumni
Jacki Wilbur (George) email starting bouncing last spring.  Any help would be great!!