22 Yang Yang
22 Yang Yang
Height: 6'2
Year: SR
Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA
High School: Beverly Hills
Position: G/F

"Caltech will separate your true passions from vanity. A lot of people claim to love math or science because they excelled in high school.

But here, where you're pitted up against some of the brightest people you'll ever meet, you'll no longer look extraordinary in comparison.

That's when you find out whether you really love what you study, or just liked it because you were good at it."

 Birthdate: 6.27.87

 Birthplace: Jiangsu, China

 High School: Beverly Hills High, Beverly Hills, CA

 Years on the Caltech team: 3

 Major: Biology

 Career aspiration: Doctor

 Family: Parents Chun Rong Yang and Liu Hua Wei