Beavers Record Three Overall Team Wins

Beavers Record Three Overall Team Wins

SAN DIEGO, CA - Facing off against their division foes at the IFCSC team tournament at UC San Diego, the Caltech fencing teams came back to campus with three overall wins.

The women's team posted wins in two of their three match-ups as they topped Arizona State (13-4) and UC Irvine (12-4). The men's team posted a win over UC Irvine (14-13).

In the head-to-head meetings in each respective weapons, the Beavers posted seven wins.

The women's foil team of Katie Fisher and Constance Robinson posted a dramatic win of Arizona State. Each team won four bouts but the Beavers duo had 25 total touches (strikes) compared to 21 from the Sun Devils.The Epee team won by forfeit (9-0) while Sabre wasn't competed.

In the women's squad victory over UC Irvine the trio of Christina Meyer, Ingrid Fiedler and Bella Guo recorded a 7-2 win during the epee bouts. Fielder and Meyer each won three while Guo also recorded a bout victory. Fisher and Robinson each fenced one time against a limited UC Irvine foil line-up. Sabre wasn't competed between the two schools.

In the men's team victory over UC Irvine the Foil and Epee teams came up big. During the foil bouts Matthew Jin won three times while Keegan Mendonca and Anup Kishore each record two individual wins. The foil tandem of Omer Subasi, Johnathan Stauffer and Jonathan Schor won a 5-4 to help clinch the overall team victory.

The saber team of Marco Cruz Heredia, Colin Murphy, and Christopher Couste recorded a highly competitive 5-4 win over Arizona State.

Caltech Team Results


Sabre Team Wins: Arizona State
Foil Team Wins: UC Irvine
Epee Team Wins: UC Irvine

Arizona State 17, Caltech 10 (Sabre 4-5, Foil 7-2, Epee 6-3)
Caltech 14, UC Irvine 13 (Sabre 2-7, Foil 7-2, Epee 5-4)
UC San Diego 23, Caltech 4 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 9-0, Epee 5-4)


Foil Team Wins: Arizona State (win on touches), UC Irvine
Epee Team Wins: Arizona State, UC Irvine

Caltech 13, Arizona State 4 (Sabre Not Contested, Foil 4-4, Epee 9-0)
Caltech 12, UC Irvine 4 (Sabre Not Contested, Foil 5-2, Epee 7-2)
UC San Diego 22, Caltech 5 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 6-3, Epee 7-2)