Decker Completes Career at NCAA Championships

Decker Completes Career at NCAA Championships

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Senior Laura Decker ended her well decorated fencing career at Caltech on Sunday at the 2011 NCAA Fencing Championships.

The four-day event started on Thursday and was hosted by Ohio State. The saber competition - Decker's specific weapon speciality - was held on Saturday and Sunday. She posted wins in three of her 23 bouts.

Complete NCAA Championship Results

Day Two

In her final day of bouts Decker won one of her nine duals.

Dominika Franciszkowicz (Penn) - Lost 5-2
Danielle Kamis (Penn) - Lost 5-1
Kamali Thompson (Temple) - Lost 5-1
Samantha Roberts (Columbia) - Lost 5-1
Loweye Diedro (Columbia) - Lost 5-1
Stella Shifrin (Hunter College) - Win 5-4
Margarita Tschomakova (Ohio State) - Lost 5-4
Alison Miller (Ohio State) - Lost 5-2
Heather Nelson (Air Force) - Lost 5-3

Day One

During the first day of competition Decker posted two wins in her 14 bouts as she went up against some of the best fencers in the event.

"The women's saber field is the toughest field in the entire competition," head coach Michael D'Asaro said. "She had a very hard first round of competition but she fenced well."

During her first day she faced three individuals ranked in the United States' top 12 in addition to facing two other competitors with a world ranking.

Eileen Hassett (Notre Dame) – Lost 5-3
Lian Osier (Notre Dame) – Lost 5-3
Chloe Grainger (Northwestern) – Win 5-3
Dagmara Wonziak (St. John's) -  Lost 5-4 (Ranked second in the U.S., 2008 U.S. Olympian)
Anna Limbach (St. John's) – Lost  5-0 (German National Team Member, Ranked 24th World Ranking)
Caitlin Taylor (Brown) – Win 5-2 (Australian National Team Member, Ranked 22nd  in the World)
Monica Aksamit (Penn State) – Lost 5-0 (Ranked Sixth in the U.S.)
Nicole Glon (Penn State) – Lost 5-3 (Ranked 12th in the U.S.)
Eliza Stone (Princeton) – Lost 5-1
Diamond Wheeler (Princeton) – Lost 5-3
Rebecca Ward (Duke) – Lost 5-0
Madeline Oliver (Yale) – Lost 5-2
Caroline Vloka (Harvard) – Lost 5-0
Robin Shin (MIT) – Lost 5-4

This is the second consecutive year that the native of Bridgewater, N.J., qualified for the NCAA Championships. Last year she won one of her bouts.

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