Beaver Fencers Start Season at Ohio State

Beaver Fencers Start Season at Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio  – The Caltech fencing team opened the 2010-2011 season at the Ohio State Duals this past weekend at the French Field House.

The format of the two-day, 11-team event was changed from previous years as Saturday's activities featured three rounds of team competition then in the afternoon the top eight performers in each weapon category competed in an individual tournament.  Sunday was 10 rounds of team competition.


Round One
OSU def. Caltech, 27-0 (MS 9-0, MF 9-0, ME 9-0)
OSU def. Caltech, 19-7 (WS 5-4, WF 9-0, WE 5-3)

John Hopkins def. Caltech, 22-6 (WS 5-4, WF 9-0, WE 8-1)
John Hopkins def. Caltech, 26-1 (MS 8-1, ME 9-0, MS 9-0)

Cleveland State def. Caltech, 16-4 (WS 8-1, WF 2-0, WE 6-3)
Cleveland State def. Caltech, 24-3 (MS 9-0, MS 7-2, ME 8-1)

The highlight for the Beavers on Saturday came in the form of a few individuals performers as Stan Schor and Eugene Vinisky both won their first NCAA bouts.

In addition, to those individual highlights Vinisky, Laura Decker and Vanessa Burns advance to the top eight for the individual competitions. Vinisky ended the day in seventh place while Decker placed in fifth and Burns tied for third.


Ohio State def. Caltech, 14-6 (WS 3-6, WF 2-0, WE 9-0)
Ohio State def. Caltech 17-4 (MS 3-0, ME 7-2, MF 7-2)

Michigan State def. Caltech, 21-8 (WF 6-3, WS 5-4, WE 8-1) – Non NCAA
Michigan State def. Caltech, 22-7 (MS 7-2, ME 6-3, MF 7-2) – Non NCAA

Michigan def. Caltech, 17-10 (WS 4-5, WF 8-1, WE 5-4) – Non NCAA
Michigan def. Caltech in Men's Epee 7-2 – Non NCAA

Bowling Green def. Caltech, 14-13 (WS 2-7, WE 6-3, WF 6-3) – Non NCAA
Bowling Green def. Caltech, 19-8(MS 6-3, ME 7-2, MF 6-3) – Non NCAA