Tiffany Huang

Houston, TX

Mechanical Engineering

"Tiff has been a joy to coach because she came every day with a purpose…to get better.  It was easy to teach Tiff.  If you gave her a new skill or technique, she just worked to do it as close to how you wanted it to happen as she could.  Tiff is extremely coachable. She was the definition of selfless.  There were games she didn’t get to play as much, yet she was still cheering and helping.  She was a complete team player.  If her contribution that day was counting down the shot clock, then she was going to make that happen every single time.  Every day Tiff  projected a sense that she was glad to be a part of what we are doing and although I know she wanted to play more, being a part of the team made her happy.  Having a player happy and aware of what they are getting in the exchange and through the commitment is a wonderful gift to a team and the best possible example a coach could ask for.

"Tiff understood her role, and while I am sure she wanted more and was never satisfied with her role, she filled it and gave us even more every day.  That level of dedication to the team and to the purpose of the group is an amazing quality to have.  Everyone could count on Tiff to be real, to be present, and to give everything she had to her team."

- Women's Basketball head coach Sandra Marbut