Rachel Hess

Lancaster, PA

Mechanical Engineering

"Rachel just worked hard.  Whatever we were doing, she got to it without complaint or lackluster results. She just got it done! Rachel added resiliency.  At times during practice she would get knocked down hard…and she may have taken a moment or looked pissed, yet never a peep.  Just walked it off, took a moment, and then right back to work she went.  When something bothered her, she owned it for a brief time and then went back to work.  

"In her time with our team, I saw Rachel sacrifice many things for teammates.  Her knees always looked like a bruised mess because she gave it her all.  Sometimes she sacrificed what she wanted most so the team came first.  We didn’t win as many games as we wanted to in her time with us, and just when most would give up, Rachel pressed on.  She was quiet yet determined and got back up every time to keep going."
- Women's Basketball Head Coach Sandra Marbut