Caltech Celebrates Graduates

Caltech Celebrates Graduates

Caltech held its 120th annual commencement ceremony on Friday morning on the Beckman Mall. A handful of student-athlete were among the nearly 200 undergraduates who earned their degree.

Among the graduates were 29 student-athletes who received their Bachelors Degree in their respective field of study. There were also two graduate students who exhausted their NCAA eligibility during the school year.

Listed below are the student-athletes who earned their degree from Caltech along with quotes from their head coach(es) on what each individual brought to their respective program(s).

During the year-ending All-Sports awards banquet in late May a senior tribute video was shown. Please feel free to view the video - Senior Tribute Video

Also, be sure to check out the Caltech 2014 Commencement webpage.


Juliette Becker


Monisha Dilip


Trisha Guchait


Luke Harrison (Grad)



Chan-Hee Koh


Rachel Hess



Tiffany Huang


Michael Ignatowich (Grad)



Dev Joshi


Rebekah Kitto



Katie Knister


Thomas Kwok



Albie Lavin


Lisa Lee



Will Livingston


Iris Liu



Paige Logan


Katja Luxem



Luka Mernik


Marlyn Moore



Nandini Mukherjee


Jon Schor



Stan Schor


Kelsey Spaur



Michelle Tang


Eugene Vinitsky



Matthew Voss


Daniel Yiu Wah Lo



Michael Zhang