Caltech Strength and Conditioning

The mission of Caltech Strength and Conditioning is to:


  • Provide every student-athlete with the very best evidence-based exercise programs
  • Create programs that are committed to developing student-athletes into champions in their respective sports
  • Present programs dedicated to improving our student-athletes' strength, speed, agility, power and flexibility
  • Develop team bonding, leadership, mental toughness, and discipline through rigorous physical and mental testing.
  • Properly educate our student-athletes on the importance of rest, injury prevention and nutrition.


Student-athletes graduating from Caltech will know and understand that the only limitations are those they place upon themselves.

The main objective of all Caltech Strength and Conditioning programs is the pursuit of excellence as a student-athlete. To meet the student-athlete’s specific needs, programs are designed in a structured, progressive and periodized manner to enhance in-season performance. This is accomplished through proper strength training, conditioning, flexibility, speed and agility trainingo and education on nutrition and recovery strategies.

For more information on the Strength and Conditioning program, please contact Sally Alway for more information.