Locker Room Renovations

Locker Room Renovations

Braun Locker Room Project (Dec. 13 UPDATE) -- The end date will be in early January. An exact date is still TBA but be prepared to move all of your locker items by Jan. 21. The APER staff thanks all patrons for thier patience. For any additional questions, please contact John Carter.

With continued improvements to the athletics facility, the APER staff wanted to update our gym users to a locker room renovation taking place.

Beginning on Nov. 11 the women’s locker room will be shut down.  Women should remove anything that you need by that date.  We will convert the men’s locker room to a women’s changing room but will not be issuing lockers for overnight use.  Men will not be allowed access to their lockers or items after Nov. 11.  Men will relocate to the Brown Gym.  The female student-athletes will be relocated to a smaller self-contained locker room in the Brown gym. 

As many of you are aware, the women’s locker room is having major issues with leaking water in the shower and toilets area.  Our colleagues in facilities have informed us that they need to assess the nature and severity of this problem.  After a two week period of identifying the problem more time will be needed to craft and implement a solution. Once the problem has been identified and the solution crafted, we will let you know what the solution is and how long it will take to correct it.

I know this is more disruption to your day, routines and important time to exercise and we do apologize.  Hopefully, the benefit in fixing the water issues in the locker room far outweighs the short term dislocation and disruption.   Both men and women, please remove any items from your respective locker room’s in Braun by Nov. 10.

Thank you for your patience and help with  this exciting locker room renovation.
Go Beavers!
Betsy Mitchell
Director APER