Visiting Team Information

A Certified Athletic Trainer will be available to assist you at all Caltech competitions and events. Athletic training staff members will be available to assist all participants at least one hour prior to the earliest reporting time for a contest. All teams will have access to our athletic training room for treatments. If your athletes require treatment during your visit, please make use of the athletic training room located in the Brown Gymnasium. If your team is not traveling with a certified athletic trainer, please contact us in advance so that we may best care for your athletes. In the event that we are not contacted, any treatments requiring the use of therapeutic modalities require written permission and treatment protocols provided by the visiting team's athletic trainer. Also, visiting teams are expected to provide their own taping, bracing and/or padding supplies.

The following items will be provided for games:

In the athletic training room:

Electric Stim
Hot packs
Stationary Bike
On-site of competition:

Water and cups
Injury ice and flexi-wrap
Biohazard kit
First-aid kit
Vaccum splints, AED