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Any coeducational institution of higher education that participates in Title IV, the federal student aid program, and has an intercollegiate athletic program, must comply with the EADA by preparing an annual report officially called The Report of Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data; more commonly called the EADA Report.

The requirements for reporting include two elements.  First; a report must be made available to students, prospective students, and the public by October 15th of each year.  Second; the data must be reported on-line within 15 days of making it available to the public.  This data is submitted on-line to the Secretary of Education after which it is migrated to the Office of Post Secondary Education (OPE) public website at

This report is made available to fulfill the first element of making the data available publicly.  It contains elements which are in addition to those required by the on-line survey submission.  You are encouraged to visit the OPE public site after October 30th to view the on-line report or view the PDF of the online survey through the following link.


2011 EADA Report 

2012 EADA Report 

2013 EADA Report  & Survey 

2014 EADA Survey

2015 EADA Report 

2016 EADA Report & Survey

2017 EADA Report