• SOPS 2018 Soccer League Champion
    The 2018 Winter/Spring Soccer League came to an end Sunday May 20th. Seven teams competed to claim the title of champion.
  • 2018 Basketball League Champions
    The 2018 basketball league has come to an end with two new champions.
  • 2018 Spring Volleyball Champion
    Spring volleyball has a new champion!
  • Summer Family Swim 2018
    Get back to family swimming! Summer is just around the corner and the pool is the place to be. Our Family Swim offers the ideal opportunity for you to have fun and spend quality time in the water with your little fishes.
  • Summer Softball League
    Get the team back together!! Grab your friends, make a team, and come on out to the Braun Athletic Center this summer to enjoy the great game of softball. All members and guests of the Caltech Community are welcome to play.
  • Say Good Bye
    Beginning Monday March 19, you will no longer need a token to use a towel!
  • Punch Cards
    Do you have an old punch card? The holidays are a great time to use those leftover punches! After 12/31/17 we will no longer accept punch cards.
  • Rock Climbing Hours Return
    Recreational rock climbing hours begin Tuesday January 9th!
  • Regular Exercise
    Need another reason to hit the gym? Research shows that people who exercise lower their cancer risk.
  • Spin Classes Return!
    Spin classes return Monday June 19th with new instructor Maria.