Welcome to the Braun Athletic Center Membership and Fees Information Page

Welcome to the Braun Athletic Center Membership and Fees Information Page

Welcome to the Braun Athletic Center Membership and Fees Information Page

Recognizing that active bodies support active minds, Caltech’s Braun Athletic Center offers resources and programs that promote the health and well being of the entire Institute. The Braun Athletic Center is where our community comes together to train, play, and get fit, as well as cultivate new skills and broader perspectives.

Recently, Caltech made changes to the Braun Athletic Center membership policy. Until now, the costs of maintaining the athletic facilities have been shouldered by a subset of paying users—a group that includes students, alumni, and Institute affiliates. In an effort to distribute these costs more equitably across all user groups, as of October 1, 2013, all those who wish to use the Braun Athletic Center will be required to purchase a membership. In addition to promoting user fairness, these changes enable Caltech to continue implementing facilities enhancements and equipment upgrades while ensuring that recent improvements can be maintained.

Caltech employees, visitors, guests and volunteers wishing to use the athletic facilities must become paying members. Our occasional use policy has not changed, eligible non-members and their families, or guest(s) must pay a day use fee of $10 per visit in order to access facilities.

Caltech provides Braun Athletic Center membership as a benefit to the Institute community. Our fees are well below that of peer universities and the local marketplace, and our facilities are family friendly, accommodating a range of ages, interests, and fitness levels. Take advantage of this opportunity—become a member!


Caltech-enrolled undergraduate and graduate students can show their ID to enter. The following groups may purchase annual memberships at posted rates:

    Caltech current faculty and staff and their spouses/dependents, either individually or as a 

    Caltech current student spouses/dependents, either individually or as a family

    Caltech retirees and their spouses/dependents, either individually or as a family

    Caltech Alumni Association members and their spouses/dependents, either individually or
    as a family.   
    (Alumni Association membership must be current)

    JPL employees and their spouses/dependents, either individually or as a family

    Caltech- or JPL-recognized affiliates (employee only)

    Members of the Caltech Associates and their spouses/dependents, either individually or as
    a family

    Other (Huntington Library Reader, Polytechnic School, Carnegie Observatory)

    Visitors, volunteers, and guests of the Institute must be sponsored by an Institute
    department and may purchase memberships at the same rate as their sponsoring

If you are registering as a new member, you will need to verify your affiliation with Caltech. Please bring one of the following with you to the Braun Athletic Center to complete your registration:

    Caltech ID card/ID number

    JPL badge (JPL retirees can call the retiree benefits line at 818-354-2965 to obtain your
    badge number)

    Alumni Association membership card/membership number

    Caltech Associates card/membership number

    Polytechnic School faculty/staff card

    Huntington Library staff card


Member Type                                                                                     Annual Fee

Caltech faculty, staff, postdocs, retiree, affiliate and
volunteer with ID      


Caltech student, graduate student, & postdocs spouse/dependent $180

Caltech spouse/partner/dependent


Caltech student family


Caltech postdocs family $470

Caltech family (immediate)


JPL employee or affiliate with ID


JPL spouse/partner/dependent


JPL family (immediate)


Caltech Alumni Association member


Caltech Alumni Association member spouse/partner/dependent


Caltech Alumni Association member family (immediate)


Caltech Associate


Caltech Associate spouse/partner/dependent


Caltech Associate family (immediate)


Huntington Library, Polytechnic School, Carnegie Observatory


Walk-up fee for eligible member or guest



Membership fees may be paid with most major credit cards.

*Fees entitle all members to use the facilities and attend fitness classes at no additional charge.



New members have two options for enrollment:

Payroll Deduction: Caltech faculty and staff may enroll online through access.caltech for individual, spouse/partner/dependent, or family memberships. The Caltech ID will double as the athletic center membership card for employees. Spouses/partners/dependents and families must visit the Braun Athletic Center to have their membership cards printed. All Caltech employees and families are not required to set up an Active Network Account.


Active Network Account: New members may enroll by creating an online Active Network account at http://activenet.active.com/caltechaper or by visiting the welcome desk at the Braun Athletic Center. Members who enroll online should complete the registration process by visiting the welcome desk at the Braun Athletic Center to verify eligibility, set up payment, and receive a membership card. For individuals not employed by Caltech, they are required to set-up an Active Network Account. Caltech faculty and staff do not need to set-up an Active Network Account.


Active Network Account: Those users already registered in Active Network should be aware of their renewal dates and make sure to renew their fees in person at the gym, within a week of the renewal date to ensure access is maintained. Payment may be cash, credit/debit card, or check.

For more information about eligibility, membership, and registration, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact:

John Carter, Associate Athletic Director for Recreation

Heather Morgan, Recreation Manager

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