Tyler Volkoff, Men's Soccer, Class of 2010

Tyler Volkoff, Men's Soccer, Class of 2010

What is your major? 

People will be surprised to know. . .
I came to Caltech without taking physics in high school.

If you weren't at Caltech, what would you be doing?
I'd probably be at another college. But if that weren't an option, I'd be farming.

Favorite Food?
Pastrami sandwiches at The Hat.

Favorite part about being a student/athlete at Caltech?
Going to practice to stay in shape and have fun with some buddies even if schoolwork gets a bit heavy.

What was going through your head right before you scored the winning goal against Cal Lu?
I was thinking that if we didn't score a goal, we were going to get whomped in overtime becasue we were tired.

In 10 years, I'll be. . .  
Married, still living in California, and hopefully be earning some money.

If you had no school work, what would you do all day?
I'd go ice skating, read a little, and then go to El Segundo to hang out with my friends Jeff and Noah and play some games.

What do you like most about Caltech?  
I like that I get to wake up in the morning to concern myself with how nature works. I don't have to worry about how John likes his coffee or how my boss isn't paying me enough or how I need to look good for my job. I can just do some physics, do some chemistry, go to lab and get fun things done.

Who is your favorite SCIAC school to compete against, and why?
I like competing against Claremont. They always play a good game and the cutest girls come to watch!