Nnoduka Eurchalu, Men's Track & Field, Class of 2011

Nnoduka Eurchalu, Men's Track & Field, Class of 2011

What is your major?
Electrical Engineering

People will be surprised to know . . .
I hate wearing running spandex

 Favorite part about being a student athlete at Caltech?
It gives me a chance to do non-academic/fun stuff on campus

Favorite place to eat on the road?
Panda Express... You can't say no to orange chicken.

Favorite SCIAC school to compete against?
Claremont Mckenna... a rather bubbly school I must say

In 10 years, I'll be . . . .

Describe your sport in 3 words?
intense, fun, epic!

Best part about living in California?
Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood can be pretty exciting

What teammate has inspired you the most?
Zack Higbee... He tries to stop me from slacking off

Title of your autobiography?
Me... Team Awesome!

Where do you get motivation from when things get tough?
I tell myself nothing is impossible

What story will you tell your children about Caltech Athletics?
Athletics was probably the most fun part of Caltech

If you could bring anything from your hometown what would it be?
Occasional Rain... I can't believe it doesn't rain here!

What TV show do you have to watch each week?
How I met your mother.

If you had no schoolwork what would you do all day?
Hanging out with friends and going to all the fun places I can think of