Lili Yang, Women's Tennis, Class of 2011

Lili Yang, Women's Tennis, Class of 2011

What is your major?

What is it about yor field of study that intrigues you?
I love looking at numbers and patterns in which they interact. 

Favorite athletic moment at Caltech?
Cheering on my teammates as they win their matches.

Favorite part about being a student athlete at Caltech?
Being able to do something other than studying math and physics.

In 10 years, I'll be....
Hopefully working in the finance industry and otherwise enjoying life.

What would you like to achieve most in your life?
Travel to all the continents of the world.

Describe your coach in 3 words?
dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring

Best part about living in California?
The weather

Best thing about Caltech?
The weather, my friends, and the research opportunities

Favorite Food?
Bamboo Sprouts

Where do you get motivation from when things get tough?
I tell myself that I'm working for something better.

If you hadn't come to Caltech where would you be now?
St. Louis (Washington University)

What TV show do you have to watch each week?
How I met your mother

If you had no school work what would you do all day?
Reading and hanging out with my friends

Nike or Adidas?