Justin Johnson, Men's Diving, Class of 2012

Justin Johnson, Men's Diving, Class of 2012

What is your major?
I plan to double major in Mathematics and Computer Science

What is it about your field of study that intrigues you?
I love the process of solving hard problems, and the way it feels to see the solution to something that seems impenetrable. I also like that math and computer science are removed from the mess of the real world, instead living in their own domains where logic reigns supreme.

People will be surprised to know . . .
I used to be a gymnast, and on my team I was always one of the worst of my level.

Describe your sport in 3 words?
Jump flip rip

What goes through your head as you are "at match point", at the free throw line, during a race, etc.?
During a meet, I try to keep my head as clear as possible, relying on muscle memory formed through countless repetitions in practice. Overthinking a dive, especially during a meet, is a good way to crash.

Favorite SCIAC school to compete against?
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps. Their diving boards are excellent, and I had my toughest competition of the year against them.