Michelle Jiang, W. Tennis, Class of 2011

Michelle Jiang, W. Tennis, Class of 2011

What is your major?
Mechanical Engineering, Business Economics and Management

Favorite athletic moment at Caltech?
The one win the women's volleyball team had during this seaosn.  It was SUCH a close game...but the fact that our fans showed up to support us really made a difference and we pulled through at the last minute. (I'm a 2-sport athlete).

What goes through your head as you are "at match point"?
Please don't let me be stupid and hit the ball out of the court on the return...or serve a double fault.  I will get ice cream if I can make the match last longer....(I'm assuming I'm on the losing side if we are already at match point...)

People will be surprised to know...
That I'm not a morning person.  I can be cheerful...but I'm not a morning person.

Favorite place to eat on the road?
Subway.  It's healthy:)

Favorite book?
Manga you mean? I like Bleach, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and any other work by CLAMP, Vampire Knight, Full Moon wo Sagashite, and the list goes on....

If you could go to any sporting event what would it be?
The Olympics beach volleyball matches. or volleyball. or tennis.

Describe your sport in 3 words.
Run. Hit ball.

Best part about living in California?
We can play tennis in the middle of "winter"

Best thing about Caltech?
There are so many opportunities here that it's really easy to get involved around campus...although the flipside is that it's easy to get too involved...which happens to me more often than not (on top of schoolwork and sports).

Favorite Food?
Sushi! Anything Japanese, especially sushi, udon and yakisoba.

Where do you get motivation from when things get tough?
From my music--I have alot of songs where the lyrics almost always describe any situation where I'm feeling stressed or down and listening to music helps me focus, calm down and work things through for myself.

Favorite quote?
Smile for the world because you never know who you'll make happy with just one smile. (this is more like a motto)

If you hadn't come to Caltech where would you be now?
The University of Washington

If you could bring anything from your hometown what would it be?
My best friends.  They made me who I am today and I'm really thankful for their friendship through these years.

If you had no school work what woudl you do all day?
Sleep.     Sleep.    More Sleep.    Read manga. Read books.  NOT textbooks.    Eat.   Play tennis.   Play volleyball.

Nike or Adidas?
Nike for clothes
Adidas for shoes