Jessica Roberts, Women's Basektball, SAAC Secretary, Class of 2009

Jessica Roberts, Women's Basektball, SAAC Secretary, Class of 2009

What is it about your field of study that intrigues you?
How many unanswered questions there are, and how little we actually understand

Best team experience at Caltech?
Way too many of them, but beating Claremont and Pomona last year are definitely up there

What goes through your head as you are up at the free throw line?
Tell myself that I'm a good shooter, and remind myself that I just need to shoot an on-line shot

Describe your coach in 3 words?
Caring, Motivating, Hard-working (counts as one word!)

Favorite SCIAC school to compete against?

What have you learned about yourself through competing as a student-athlete?
I am much stronger and tougher than what I give myself credit for

What is your favorite defense/offense and why?
I love playing defense, there isn't a lot of skill involved its just all about hard work and giving that extra effort

Favorite part about being a student athlete at Caltech?
I love challenges and I get that both on and off the court. Also, being able to go to practice gives me my sanity back

If you could bring anything from your hometown what would it be?

What would you like to achieve most in your life?
I want to make a difference in someone else's life

In 10 years I'll be . . .
I don't even know where I'll be tomorrow!