Janis Intoy, Women's Swimming and Water Polo, Class of 2012

Janis Intoy, Women's Swimming and Water Polo, Class of 2012

What is your major?
I haven't declared one yet, but I will probably study applied and computational mathematics.

Favorite athletic moment at Caltech? 
Our water polo team was on offense and we lost the ball to the defense right in front of the cage.  I fought pretty hard for it, so the opposing girl tried to pass the ball back to the goalie to keep it safe.... It's obvious where this is going.  I got my first collegiate goal in water polo without even touching the ball!

People will be surprised to know . . .
I'm afraid of the ball.  OK, maybe that's not suprising.

Describe your sport in 3 words? 
Wet, Sunny, Fun

What goes through your head at the starting line, up to bat, etc? 
Kick Kick Kick.

Favorite food?  

What teammate has inspired you the most?  
Caitlin!!!  Thanks for being my swim buddy!

What type of music do you listen to? 
Mostly pop and alternative, but I'll listen to anything that's not heavy metal  or country

If you could go to any sporting event what would it be? 
Olympic Swimming

Best part about living in California? 
I'm tan... all the time!

If you could bring anything from your hometown what would it be?  
Snow, at least for a few days

If you had no schoolwork what would you do all day?

In 10 years, I'll be . . . . 
28 years old.  And hopefully have a job.

Nike or Adidas? ...
I think Speedo or TYR is a more appropriate question.

What are your pre event rituals?
Where are my goggles???  What lane am I in???   Then try to relax and stretch.

Last book you have read?
I reread Memoirs of Geisha over winter break-assuming you mean the last book I read for leisure.  If that's not what you meant then I read my math text book yesterday.