Bettina Chen, W. Track & Field, Class of 2010

Bettina Chen, W. Track & Field, Class of 2010

What is it about your field of study that intrigues you?
The wide range of applications EE has in various fields, especially medicine.

Favorite athletic moment at Caltech?
When I finished a 400 and knew that I had absolutely nothing left to give.

People will be surprised to know . . .
That I eat more than most guys.

Describe your sport in 3 words?
Rewarding, painful, thrilling

What goes through your head as you step up to the starting line?
Before a 400, "Someone please kill me now"

Favorite food?
Anything with carbs

What teammate has inspired you the most?
Best since she always has a smile on her face no matter the workout and runs through whatever pain she might be in.

Favorite book?

If you could go to any sporting event what would it be?
Summer Olympics!!

Best part about living in California?
Lots of cheap, legit Asian places to eat and the all around nice weather.

If you could bring anything from your hometown what would it be?
A little more rain would be nice and the clean air for sure.

If you had no schoolwork what would you do all day?
Sleep, run, and eat.

In 10 years, I'll be . . . .
Hopefully married and still running.

Nike or Adidas?

What are your pre meet rituals?
Load up on carbs since I don't like to eat during the day of the meet.